Split Penny

Split Penny

Rock/Jam Originals

We are Split Penny, Charlotte's newest Rock/Jam collective. We are looking for Gigs and opportunities to show our musical wares!

Greetings, Humans! We are Split Penny! 

We are a 4 piece Rock/Jam band hailing from the Charlotte, NC area, comprising of ... 

GK Via - Guitar 

Zack Collins - Guitar, Vocals 

 John Czerwinski - Percussion, Vocals 

Stos Hall - Bass, Vocals 

Split Penny was formed in the fall of 2022, and have been methodically developing their musical identity over the past few months, jamming and writing new material seemingly each and every rehearsal. We are now beginning to look for opportunities to play out and refine our live show. 

Our music hearkens back to classic, alt and prog rock with dashes of modern jam.  Listeners have suggested that they've heard influences such as Foo Fighters, Allman Brothers, Rush, and Moe. 


Band Photos

Split Penny - Live at Stooges

Please reach out to us at splitpennyband@gmail.com or contact John Czerwinski at 704-650-5929.